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  • Reversible thermometers various types

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Adhesive temperature indicators act like sensors and are a simple and economical method of temperature control in all types of industries. These indicators are adhesive labels measuring points, which change color irreversibly to reach the set temperature.


The technology by temperature colour change, in addition of adhesive temperature sensors, consists of other products like reversible thermometers made with liquid crystal, ​​are known as LCD thermometers, which are flexible and adhesive, as well as inks, pencils and thermo chromic paints.


These products are used in European and American industry since more than 30 years. They are admitted in quality control processes, production and cold chain control on shipping and storage. They are an effective method to monitoring and an alternative to thermographs or temperature recorders. As temperature indicators, later they can unstuck it and attach them to quality reports, or production records as proof process performed.

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These products don't require technical expertise to use them. Simply paste temperature indicators on the product or in the place that we want to control and perform a temperature control unassisted. Anytime we can see whether or not it has exceeded a specific temperature. For its low cost and easy of use is a good solution to the problem of temperature control in the industry.